Dr. Carlos Quiñonez

Friday, May 31, 2024 (2 pm - 5 pm)

The Political Economy of Dentistry: Your Bottom Line

Filling a gap in the health policy literature, author and dental public health specialist Dr. Carlos Quiñonez explores the complexities surrounding Canada’s dental care system and policies, including how they came to be, their consequences, and what they mean for oral health and access to dental care.

Suggested reading list: Quiñonez C. The politics of dental care in Canada. Canadian Scholars’ Press; 2021 Aug 6.

Bio: Dr. Dr. Carlos Quiñonez
Dr. Carlos Quiñonez is a dental public health specialist and is the Vice Dean and Director of Dentistry at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University. His research centres on the history, politics, and economics of dentistry with a focus on health and social equity. He is a world authority on the political economy of dentistry, and his research is regularly used by public and private agencies to enhance their policy and practice.

Dr. Quiñonez’ personal achievements include a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu, which took a decade of rigorous training five to six days per week to attain. His most important accomplishment and source of pride is family – his wife, Ruth, daughter Emilia, age 8, and son Javier, age 4.